DAS Simplified pre-manufactures all assemblies and coordinates shipping to meet construction schedules and minimize on-site labor.

Pre-Manufactured Products

DAS Simplified takes the customized design we develop for a project and provides pre-manufactured assemblies for every component.  Our pre-manufactured assemblies are clearly labeled to reference the associated drawings for easy “plug and play” installation.

All products are certified through rigorous lab testing before being shipped to a project.

DAS Simplified’s Pre-manufactured Products include:


PaletteDAS Simplified’s overall goal is streamlined, easy installation. Our pre-manufactured assemblies and all packaging are clearly labeled per IDF or MDF area and correspond to identification numbers on construction drawings for easy installation. Packing lists and tracking numbers are also included.

Paletted Shipping

Assemblies can be shipped in separate modules on easy-to-move palettes to best suit the construction schedule and minimize material handling efforts.

Container Shipping

Another option is to ship the entire project in a secure pod for convenient storage at the job site. All parts arriving at the same time and in the same shipment allows the headend to come preconfigured and reduces the potential of damage to system components. 

Installation Partners

DAS Simplified can only be installed by certified DAS Simplified Installation partners. Field installation training is provided to all contractors that are granted partner status based on a review of their qualifications and historical performance.

Installation training consists of DAS Simplified technicians providing customized onsite instruction on installation and operating procedures for individuals or groups depending on contractor needs. DAS Simplified technicians are also available to provide guidance throughout the construction phase of the project.

Contractors installing DAS Simplified can reach gold or platinum partner certification levels based on project performance and quantity of DAS Simplified installations.